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Thai Massage

What type of massage do you need?

Our Specialities

Thai Stretching

You will remain clothed and no oil is used. It involves stretching and gentle pulling to relieve tension. It improves flexibility and circulation. Avoid the chiropractor and make this part of your regular body maintenance.

Deep Tissue

Releases tension deep within your muscles. Using pressure points in your body to relieve pain. Your massage therapist will search for knots in your muscles and ligaments to loosen. Let your therapist know whether you want medium or firm pressure.


Massaging your body to sooth tension in your myofascial tissues. This our most relaxing massage. Only light pressure is to be applied. This will improve energy and overall well-being. Although this is a much softer treatment, it will still relieve light muscular pain.


Similar to our Thai Stretching massage, but with the use of oil and applied pressure and massaging to your muscles and tissue. Feel free to let your therapist know the level of pressure you want applied. You can customize your experience however you need.


The expecting mother will lie on her side in a very comfortable position. Stimulation will be applied to your soft tissues to reduce swelling in your joints. There will be minimal pressure applied. This will be therapeutic for the expecting mother and relieve back pain.

Sport Massage

Meant to treat the active client. We can focus on one area of the body where you are experiencing pain or tension. This massage will mostly target your muscular system to get you back out to your physical activity and exercises.

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